Friday, February 11, 2011

Drive Time

What really happens when the parking valet gets in your car and drives off? Is the car you just rented really safe?  Hank Phillippi Ryan, author of Drive Time is an investigative reporter for a major television station. The main character in her books, Charlotte McNally, becomes a mirror image of Ryan by pursuing criminal elements in everyday life. Drive Time, the fourth book of a series  deals with a valet parking scheme, unscrupulous rental car owners, and the general public that chooses to ignore car manufacturer recalls. Top that with mysterious deaths at her soon to be step-daughter’s exclusive school, a deal of a lifetime offer for her career, last minute nerves about her upcoming marriage and you have a real show-stopper of a book.
Fast moving, arm chair gripping car scenes, and a particularly effective dark, parking garage element sets the tone for exciting reading. Danger calls again as McNally decides to investigate the deaths and finds herself face to face with a demented blackmailer and confessed killer.
Should she get married, or stay single and take the job offer? Should she get married, take the job offer, and try to make it work? All will be revealed in the pages of Drive Time, a good read with lots of thoughts provoking situations.


  1. This book is on my stack! Maybe I should move it up. I've the others and this one doesn't sound like it'll disappoint me.

  2. Oh, Allene, thank you so much! What a treat to read this lovely and thoughful review...Hurray. You made my day.

    Good luck with Thyme for Murder!

    talk to you soon..xoxoo