Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Daddy's Gone A Hunting

Kate Connolly is in a coma. Gus Schmidt is dead. The Connolly Fine Antiques Reproductions factory rests in ruins in Long Island City from a massive explosion that was obviously set. What were Kate, and former employee Gus doing in the museum section of her family’s furniture factory at 4 AM.?  

Since the boating accident that claimed the life of Kate and Hannah’s mother and uncle there has been something not quite right. Hannah, just a baby when the accident occurred, is now a promising clothing designer, older sister Kate a highly respected CPA. Douglas Connolly, the girl’s father, seems to have lost interest in the factory, and his daughters, and turned over the everyday business to a man named Jack Worth. Clyde Hotchkiss is a decorated Vietnam War veteran who has been living on the streets for nearly 30 years and lately sleeping in a wrecked Connolly factory van.  Is he responsible for the death of a young college student whose body was found floating in the river? And, did he have anything to do with the disappearance of a young actress, twenty-eight years ago?  Or, was that Jack Worth?

Mary Higgins Clark, infamous for her one-page chapters, spins a yarn in “Daddy’s Gone A Hunting” that dates back almost 30 years. With a master’s touch for suspense she brings together seemingly unrelated characters into a scenario of intrigue and mind-boggling bewilderment. Nothing is ever what it seems in Clark’s books. You always have to look beneath and beyond the obvious. What was the meaning of the recurring dream in Kate’s coma?  What were Kate's only spoken words?  They pretty much tell all.

Mary Higgins Clark is the author of 32 suspense novels, each one more spellbinding than the last. This book was sent to the reviewer by Simon and Schuster publishing company. Release date for this new mystery is April, 9.