Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Murder Most Convenient

In Robert Colton's novel 'MURDER MOST CONVENIENT' it’s the 1940’s. Pulp fiction whodunits are all the rage. So, Mrs. Xavier Stayton, a recently widowed American woman of privileged class and her equally young English companion, Lucy Wallace, decide to get on the bandwagon and write their own ripping mystery. Mrs. X’s mother-in-law graciously arranges for the young women to stay with her deceased husband’s estranged relatives at a very proper British estate known as Pearce Manor. They do, after all, need atmosphere for their fledging novel. The ladies feel fate has smiled on their efforts but little do they know that their unwelcome appearance will set in motion a catastrophic procession of events that will spin light hearted murderous fiction into grim reality. Had someone already tried to murder the handicapped woman known as Phyllis? And why is she so interested in Mrs. X and Miss W’s manuscript? Does the handsome detective really believe that Mrs. X is the murderer? Stay tuned for a series of clues and revealing interviews that lead to truth about more things than murder. Murder Most Convenient is a light-hearted, humorous read with just enough actual mystery to keep the reader turning the pages. Be aware that there are some typos in this novel and I found Colton’s habit of addressing a future editor disconcerting. Otherwise – have fun with one!

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