Monday, September 15, 2014

A Dead Red Alibi

A DEAD RED ALIBI by RP Dahlke begins a new adventure for Lalla Baines and her zany family of characters. Left standing at the altar by true love Sheriff Caleb Stone Lalla just wants to get away. Rich Aunt Mae to the rescue. She gives Lalla the deed to a piece of property in Arizona where her great Uncle Ed found a gold mine. Since her dad, Noah, has sold his business, bought a new, bright red Jeep, he offers to accompany Lalla to see the gift property. It’s only a matter of hours until Noah is at the bottom of a mining pit with a near dead police officer, Caleb is wondering around the desert wearing nothing except his underwear, and Lalla is plunked down in the middle of yet another murder scene. The only one missing is crack pilot and wannabe P.I., Cousin Pearlie who soon shows up at the local airport. There is a suspicious deputy dubbed ‘Deputy Dumb-ass’ by Noah and a community of local artists who all have something to hide. Mix in a drug cartel, a member of the mob and you’ve got a rollicking escapade that features a downhill roll over in the new Jeep, a million dollar Italian race car, another shooting, a bomb and nonstop action. Oh, did I mention the Emu? RP Dahlke has a unique talent for blending humor, excitement and bigger-than-life characters in her Dead Red series. There are sad moments, moments when we are reminded of real life problems of real life people. But all together A DEAD RED ALIBI kicks off a promising following of Dahlke’s stimulating series. .

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