Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Review - The Black Heart Crypt

What might be unusual for most people is nothing out of the ordinary for Zack Jennings, a sixth grader who has the ability to see ghosts. So when Zipper, his pet dog, chases a demon dog back to Haddham Hill Cemetery, Zack takes it in stride.
In the fourth installment of the A Haunted Mystery Series, by Chris Grabenstein, titled The Black Heart Crypt, Zack’s talent for spotting specters comes in handy when thirteen sinister spirits from the Ickleby family are released on Halloween. These ghostly beings have a long-standing vendetta against the Jennings clan and it is up to Zack to defend the family.
            Luckily for him, his three Great Aunts are there to help, cats in tow (much to the distress of poor Zipper). They have had experience with the Ickleby ghosts since they were the ones who locked them in their crypt in the first place.
          Mayhem abounds as the Ickleby family finds a descendent to possess, giving life once again to Crazy Izzy Ickleby, a bootlegger from the 1930's, and a child- snatching highwayman.
            This book is a delightful read, with colorful characters (both living and dead), and a fun, twisted plot. There is quite a bit of violence in the story, however, with at least two murders and the vengeful highwayman out to kill Zack. If you’re not faint at heart, then this is definitely worth reading.
Anathea Williams

My guest blogger, Anathea Williams, is my granddaughter. She writes for children and is working on a young adult novel. Check out her blog
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