Friday, April 8, 2011

Those Who Fight Monsters - Tales of Occult Detectives

Are there really gnomes living in underground sewers? Do they steal and 'dust' little girls? Are there monsters masquerading as humans that kill unborn babies? Who do you contact when you've made a pact with the Devil? Fourteen short stories, edited by Justin Gustainis, explore the possibilities of all things supernatural and embraces the courage and resourcefulness of  the occult detectives who protect the world and its inhabitants. 

From Kate Conner's Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom to Pete Caldecott's Black London Series, stories of the bizarre, the incredulous and 'down right creepy' come to life in Those Who Fight Monsters. Be warned - it may keep you up past your bedtime.

 Urban fantasy, which is the term for this type of storytelling, is relatively new but tales of monsters and monster hunters predate the famed Frankenstein and Dracula. There has always been an interest in the unknown and there have always been writers who scale the pinnacle of their imagination to create horrendous creatures that must be pitted against larger forces and superior intelligence. Gustainis, in this book has brought together fourteen, including himself, excellent storytellers.

I admit this is not normally a book I would read. If the use of raw language offends you, or you have a squeamish stomach you might want to give it a pass. But if you are up for something different - pick up a copy of Those Who Fight Monsters and get to know these incredible occult detectives.


  1. This book sounds interesting. I love urban legends because there is always something downright humorous tucked into the narrative.

  2. It does sound like an intriguing concept. I can still recall Tad's Monster Words from Stephen King's CUJO. Everyone fears a little something underneath the bed at some point in his life...

  3. Thanks Jenny and Gail for the comments. Gail, there is a lot of humor in the book. And, Jenny, I loved the quote from Stephen King. He has a valid point.

  4. Ohhh, sounds like something I'd like! Will have to check it out. I love the weird/wonderful/bizarre especially the animal aspects--intrigued how it can be explained (or not) by science.

    Love your blog, Allene, glad to have *virtually* met. *s*