Saturday, April 30, 2011

Under the Eye of Kali

Under the Eye of Kali is a beautiful book; the cover, the writing, the obvious knowledge of India and her culture. Set in the tourist town of Kovalan, Susan Oleksiw, introduces us to Anita Ray, a half-Indian, half-American photographer.

Anita is the manager of her Auntie Meena's Hotel Delite and in that role becomes involved in an American tourist mystery. Four American women meet at the hotel, each traveling different paths. Jean comes up missing - Emily desperately ill. Anita takes it upon herself to unravel the mystery surrounding these guests. 

If you have always wanted to know India; the food, the customs, the legends linked to Kali, then by all means read this book. Oleksiw has traveled extensively in that country and shares her experience in wonderful detail. I confess to having a problem following the main plot. The undertow of subplots and agendas seemed to distract. Aside from that it is a book of excellent literary skill and an interesting read. 

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