Monday, July 27, 2015

The Melodoy Lingers On - Mary Higgins Clark

This is the latest book from the Queen of Suspense and doesn’t disappoint. It’s a tale all too familiar in this world of big money and even bigger criminals. Average, middle-class, Americans are being robbed of their life saving by an unscrupulous, but charming, investment broker. When the pot reaches five billion the broker, Parker Bennett, mysteriously disappears from his sailboat – so does the money. He leaves behind a grieving wife who believes his innocence, a distraught son who has inherited his father’s charisma, and a devious mistress. Lane Harmon works for an upscale interior decorator that is currently redoing the mistress’s apartment for a cool five million. Her boss is also redoing an apartment for the supposed widow of Parker Bennett, who has lost the multi-million dollar mansion shared by her husband and son. Lane meets the charming Eric Bennett and immediately believes he is innocent of his father’s crime. Lane has a four year old daughter who is also enchanted by this man who claims to like her cookies. Is a trail of deception leading Lane and her daughter into irreparable danger? Or is she right in thinking Eric is only trying to clear his name? Who’s the guy renting the apartment next to Mrs. Bennett and listening in on conversations? Who’s driving the old, beat-up, black car that keeps following Lane around – will the golf partner of an alleged British engineer, living in the islands, finally figure out what he knew all along? It’s a tangled trail of suspenseful coincidences, of hurtful actions, and in the end true love.


  1. Mary Higgins Clark is one of my Mom's favorite authors and mine too. Thank you for the review

  2. Your are very welcome, Deborah, I enjoyed reading the book. So nice of you to know which author is your mom's favorite. You must be a special daughter.