Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dying for a Date

'If I’d known my clothes would be covered in blood by the end of the evening, I probably wouldn’t have agonized over my wardrobe selection.' 

This is the opening sentence for the book, 
Dying for a Date, by Cindy Sample. The main character, Laurel McKay, thirty something, divorced, mother of two is talked into joining the Love Club. Her first date is a handsome CPA who, in self-defense, she slugs with a cell phone only to find out the next morning that the man was found dead in his car. Can you kill someone with a cell phone? That's the question asked by Detective Tom Hunter as he tries to ascertain if Laurel is a serial killer, or just a victim of poor judgement and ridiculous circumstances. 

Disastrous dating is the overall theme of this very funny, highly entertaining novel. I found myself saying, "Yeah, that would be what would happen to me." There are many laugh-out-loud lines but there is also some jaw-dropping action. Lots of suspects, including the ex-husband, and a triage of plot complications. A delightful read.  Oh, and you will learn a new acronym; PTDMSS.  No, I'm not going to tell you what it means - you'll have to read the book!


  1. That is one fantastic first line! Nice blog, Allene. I'm so glad you reviewed Cindy's book!

  2. Cindy is as energetic in person as she and her character are here!