Friday, September 12, 2014

Dead Man Falling by Desmond Cory is book for the true adventurer. This action packed ‘walloping’ read is filled page by page with spellbinding questions of who’s who and where are the diamonds. Set in the ruggedly beautiful mountains of Austria the book gleams with vivid descriptions of stunning scenery. Former British agent, Johnny Fedora, alongside his attractive companion, Marie-Andree, board a train under the guise of a couple on their honeymoon. A man is murdered, another man jumps from the train and there is a muscular mountaineer supposed named Johann Beil who is sharing their compartment. Is this in any way connected to Fedora’s search for valuable diamonds? Reaching the Hunting Horn Inn in Oberneusl, Fedora gets his first look at Old Man Mountain. He realizes that somehow his fate is linked to that majestic peak. Will he be the ‘dead man falling’? No one is who they say they are and when dead bodies start stacking up Fedora begins his treacherous climb up the icy Hunting Horn in search of the ‘third hut’ and hopefully the diamonds. His guide is an ‘odd’ boy who just might be the son of the most famous German in history. Dead Man Falling is both exhilarating and gripping. An unexpected ending makes it well worth the read.

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