Monday, January 19, 2015

Three Days to Forever - Lauren Carr

Mac Faraday and Archie Monday are planning a wedding – simple enough until you throw in a few seemingly unrelated murders, a cell of terrorists, a heinous plot of mass destruction, bureaucratic cover up, and a new pair of high heeled boots – then, it gets interesting. Did Faraday kill the man who threatened him? Why was his DNA found at the murder site? What did Agnes, the tough handed mother of the bride, have in the black hole? Who targeted Faraday’s brother, David, as a sacrifice to Jihad? New characters, and old ones, merge in this exciting read. You’ll fall for the hard shelled naval officer, Murphy, who is a vegetarian and only drinks herbal tea. You’ll love the image of Jessica, Faraday’s daughter, her violet eyes, trendy clothes, closet full of shoes and purple Ferrari that screams spoiled rich girl – only don’t mess with her unless you’re up for a few surprises. And speaking of surprises, exactly who gets to walk down the wedding aisle? As always, the dogs take center stage every chance they get. From Jessica’s sheltie, Spencer (or is it Candi?), to Chelsea’s Molly and of course the ever present hero of the Mac Faraday series – Gnarly. This book, Three Days to Forever, is not only entertaining it is thought provoking. From the Bible reference to Ishmael, and in these shocking days of terrorist alerts, there are glimmers of truth mixed in a fictional account. The book is not intended as a political commentary, nor does it make broad accusations about our nation in general – yet, when you read it you may begin to wonder. . .what if?