Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Plum Spooky - Janet Evanovich

If you’ve never read a Stephanie Plum novel you’ve missed some pretty wild plots. Even if you have read one there are still plenty of bolts from the blue in the next one. Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter and wherever she goes, who ever she is with, you can be sure that something is going to blow up, catch fire or just plain wind up in pandemonium. Plum Spooky is no exception. Some of the regular, or irregular, characters, show up in this book; Stephanie’s three men, Diesel, the one that shows up without warning, Ranger, the protector and her one love, Morelli. The story is centered in a place called The Pine Barrens where the Jersey Devil, among other weird and shocking living things reside; like a old man who thinks he’s the Easter Bunny, a family of Sasquatch, and the infamous Elmer, The Fire Farter. Yeah-that’s right, a fire farter. You can guess how that turns out! The opening paragraph of the book reads; “Sometimes you get up in the morning and you know it’s going to be one of those days. No toothpaste left in the tube, no toilet paper on the cardboard roll, hot water cuts out halfway through your shower and someone’s left a monkey on your doorstep.” Carl, the monkey, turns out to be an interesting addition with his one finger salute and an addiction to Mario Brother’s video game. Stephanie Plum isn’t for everyone – you have to have a perverse sense of humor and the ability to enjoy a story that at times flies into unknown, and mostly unbelievable, twists of plots. I don’t exactly give this book a thumbs up – it’s an acquired taste – but if you’re looking for something different, give it a try. The book is available at Novel World of Used Fiction. We ship free in the USA.

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