Friday, October 28, 2011

Cemetery Girl

What cost does a bereaved father pay to learn the truth about his abducted daughter? David Bell's book, Cemetery Girl, explores the depth of emotion and mental anguish a four year absence of a man's only child can wreak on his own stability. 

Where had Caitlin Stuart gone when the twelve year old disappeared from walking the dog near a local cemetery? What had she endured, and why, after mysteriously reappearing four years later did she refuse to tell her father what happened? The intrigue and agonizing suspense of this compelling piece of fiction calls every man, or woman, to explore what's inner most in their minds when it comes to a missing child.  Caitlin wasn't happy about her homecoming. Abby Stuart had erected a monument to her missing daughter, in the very cemetery where she was last seen, ready to begin life without hope. Tom Stuart never gave up.  Did his estranged half-brother have anything to do with Caitlin's disappearance? Ready to do anything to learn the truth Tom Stuart became a haunted man on a mission. . .the ultimate sacrifice he was willing to make will give you pause for thought.


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