Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Night of the Living Deed

Are you afraid of ghosts? After reading The Night of the Living Deed by E. J. Copperman, you might change your mind. It's a romp of a read taking you through a hundred year old mansion on the New Jersey coast. Introducing you to characters, both living and dead, that will entertain, delight and generally make you laugh out loud.

Alison Kerby and her nine year old daughter, Melissa, have purchased the old house in order to begin life anew after Alison's ex 'The Swine' has packed his bags for brighter country. They have dreams of renovating the mansion and making it a year round guesthouse. That is, until they discover they are not living there alone.

Paul, a young private detective and his client, Maxie, are permanent residents. They both died in the house and find it impossible to leave. They need to know who killed them. The list of suspects is long - from the mayor, to a big time amorous real estate developer, to an overzealous history teacher. Who sent Maxie threatening emails? Why is Alison receiving similar ones?  And, what's this about an old document? The newly positioned chief of police would also like answers to questions but she and Alison seem at odds, especially when the chief is forced to visit the haunted house. You've got to love Alison's Mom and her solution to a dangerous scenario in the town cemetery.

One of the quirky little things I loved about this book is that E. J. Copperman has re-invented a very old ploy - talking directly to the reader. I found it amusing. The whole book was a fast, fun read. Not in the least bit scary except many when Tony, a friend and helper, gets his first 'ghostly' kiss. Now, that would be unnerving.
The Night of the Living Deed is the first in the Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Series.

I know most of my readers are too young to remember Jimmy Durante and his infamous 'Miss Calabash' but for those of you who do remember - 'Goodnight, E.J. Copperman, who ever you are.'

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