Monday, January 31, 2011

The Archer

 Laura King, a young college student who lives with her parents, is being harrased by an obsence phone caller. Who would be so entranced by  Laura, called 'prudish', by her male classmates? Is it the evil twins? Or someone more sinister? Laura claims she has no jilted lover or even a boyfriend. So who is frightening her with their dirty mouth and who is following her around town?  Tom Casey, nicknamed 'Hawkman' by the townspeople of Medford, Oregon, is a private investigator drawn into the case. There are no clues until the perpetrator can't resist showing off a particular skill - archery. Flying arrows, and the discovery that the recorded voices are not the same, leads the detective on a merry chase among Laura's neighbors and friends.

This ebook is the 13th in the Hawkman series by Betty Sullivan LaPierre. Casey, his wife Jennifer, cat Miss Marple and a falcon called Pretty Girl make up the backdrop of the Hawkman investigations. The Archer is a pleasant read, especially if you have followed the series. It's a mystery set amid ordinary farm related circumstances with extraordinary perversion and a rather surprising ending.

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