Friday, January 7, 2011

The Rose in the Wheel - S.K. Rizzolo

For readers who love the sights and sounds of 19th century England ‘The Rose in the Wheel’ is a must read.  Was young, attractive Constance Tyrone, a woman philanthropically inclined and of high moral standards, really struck down and killed by a hackney coach? Or was there something more sinister in her death? Why was she in the street, late at night, in satin slippers and why was there only one jeweled slipper found at the scene of her death?
These are a few of the puzzling questions facing Bow Street Runner, John Chase. Renowned artist, Jeremy Wolfe, becomes a prime suspect and then mysteriously disappears.  Wolfe’s estranged wife, Penelope, believes in his innocence and sets out to prove it by volunteering at the St. Catherine Society were Ms. Tyrone helped the indigent and abused woman of that period.  When Penelope learns of a social disease circulating among the workers at St. Catherine’s she is drawn to ask pertinent questions that eventually leads her and other characters, including John Chase, to an exciting conclusion.
The book is well crafted, the characters unique, and the plot complicated enough to keep the most critical reader involved until the end. 

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