Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Grave Blogger

Wanna play a game? Choose from the three-sided dice. Choose A and I cut off your right thumb. Choose B I'll cut off your left thumb. Don't choose and I will be X and choose for you. Raya Landry is a 'Grave Blogger'. Simply put – she writes blogs about cold cases for True Crime websites. It's a solitary life, one Raya loved, until the day she came across a cold case headline, 'Two Decades Later, Bayou Family Slaughter Remains A Mystery'. What was it about that headline, out of hundreds Raya had worked, that reduced the 25 year old, independent woman, awesome internet gamer, to a quivering, crying facsimile of her former self? Donna Fontenot is a true Southerner. Born and raised in Louisiana where the setting of her debut novel takes place. She draws the reader into the Bayou with ease and grace. She paints the picture of Southern charm and a crispy poboy with accuracy and delicious knowledge. Does she also watch Criminal Minds? Getting inside her villain's brain would suggest careful, and time consuming research. What is it that would trigger a violent rage after twenty years? Is the murderous psychopath still living in St. Felicity? Is he, or she, watching innocent victims through equally innocent windows? 'Grave Blogger' introduces us to some unforgettable characters; Raya, Detective Nick Simoneaux, his uncle Perry, psychiatrist Jon Forester, eccentric forensic examiner Dustin and many others. WARNING: This book is not a cozy! If you are not into graphic crime scenes then give it a pass. And, if you are picky there is some lazy editing and typos. Otherwise, if you like the feeling of having to occasionally glance over your shoulder when you are reading, or take a second look before you open that door. . .you will be spellbound by this author's work. Donna Fontenot, will there be a sequel?

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  1. Yes, there will be a sequel! :) Hoping to get in published in February, but that might be pushing it some. Soon(ish) though. :)