Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Novel World of Angela Crown

Crime has long reaching effects on its victims. Angela Crown is the small girl hiding under the bed when her mother is murdered – Angela Crown is the young woman, preparing for her honeymoon, who gets word that her fiancé and father are victims of a bank robbery gone bad. The violence suddenly becomes too much. As an aspiring writer, and avid reader, Angela is caught up in a world where she can no longer separate fact from fiction. Leaping into the pages of the latest thriller she sees herself as an avenging angel for the characters that are in danger. She perceives the authors and creators of the books as evil people preying on innocent beings. The Novel World of Angela Crown is a book within a book. The author skillfully takes the reader from the physical world of Angela Crown to the fiction world she creates from the books she reads. Her sister, Maggie, her psychiatrist, Liam Price, a police detective and a former teacher are striving to bring Angela back into the real world. A famous author sympathizes with her illness but becomes the victim of her increasing rage. It was difficult to place a rating on this novel. The concept was fascinating. Still, I found some of it very far-fetched and at times tedious. If you are looking for a book that is out of the ordinary you may want to give it a try. Reader beware – you may not like the ending.

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