Friday, March 13, 2015

Summer Shadows

When Julia Lamontaigne received heartbreaking news that her sister and her husband were killed in an accident she never dreamed they had left their three children to her care. How could she possibly provide for herself and three other lives when she had just lost her job? Julia discovered that although the house she and the children were living in was mortgaged her sister had recently purchased an old fixer-upper in a small town near a lake in New Hampshire, hoping to make it their summer place. Financially, something had to give, and with thoughts of fixing up that place with the help of her three charges and selling it to make payments on the other house she packed up the kids, a few belongings, and began an adventure that would lead to far more than a financial solution! Julia found in their new location a house badly in need of cleaning and repair but did it also hold a deadly secret? A connection to that derelict old mansion at the end of the street where a young artist was murdered? It becomes apparent that someone doesn’t want Julia in town. Someone is watching her. . . Living in a neighborhood of free-spirited local characters, which tend to complicate life for Julia and her crew, especially the attractive cop next door, is the beginning of an engaging summer packed with action and emotional turmoil that leads to the knitting together of a real family. The family values addressed in this book were not only refreshing, in today’s jaded world, they added much to the mystery. I recommend Summer Shadows to any reader who wants a good read and to walk away knowing there are still people who care.

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