Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ghosts of Lovely Women

Is it possible for teachers to influence basic beliefs of their students? The obvious answer is - yes. When an excellent English teacher like Theodora (Teddy) Thurber introduces Henrik Isben's play 'A Doll's House' to a brilliant, but impressionable young student, Jessica Halliday, the results take a bizarre and dangerous turn. Nora Helmer, the main character in the play, is caught up in a typical 19th Century marriage where her husband views her as a second class citizen.  Jessica takes this perceived abuse to heart and dedicates herself to being the instrument of 'Nora's Revenge'. When Jessica is found strangled to death in her car a channel of events spiral into a tense and dramatic mystery. What clever idea was revealed on Jessica's website? Would Jessica's cryptic clues lead Teddy and the police to the killer?  And, was the most crushing clue found in the home of Derek Jonas, a trusted friend of Teddy?

Ghosts of Lovely Women, by Julia Buckley, is a book of merit, not only for its entertainment value but for its thought-provoking theme.  It strikes a point that young people really do care.  That they can be independent thinkers and solve complicated riddles of adult life. The light romance that intertwines this book is wonderfully created. Teddy's beagle dog, P.G., adds touches of home-like humor, and, if you are a reader like me, the many references to great literature, from Shakespeare to Dostoyevsky's 'Crime and Punishment' is an added welcome bonus!


  1. Thank you for this kind review! I'm so glad that you liked the book. Reader response has actually convinced me to write a second Teddy Thurber mystery, which I am working on right now.

    Great blog, by the way. :)

  2. Glad you like the blog. Will be looking forward to the next Teddy Thurber mystery. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to reading your other novels.

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